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viscous_serpent's Journal

Solidus Snake

George Sears (Solidus Snake)
28 December
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  • viscous_serpent@livejournal.com

Name: George Sears
Codename: Solidus Snake
Preferred name: Either.
Nicknames: N/A

Age: 37
D.O.B: December 28th 1972
Gender: Male
Time taken from: Arsenal Gear, after leaving Raiden strapped naked to a torture bed.
Sexuality: ...he's not quite sure any more.
Languages Spoken: English, Politician (shut up, it's totally another language)
Current Residence: In a one-bedroomed apartment on the first floor of the Nexus.

Weaponry: P90 Submachine gun, Katana ("Minshuto" - "Democrat") and Wakizashi ("Kyowato" - "Republican"), combat ready prehensile tentacles known as Snake Arms attached to the exoskeleton he wears.

Cellphone: 202 423-1562
Codec: 140.54